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How Fast Is a Tuned & Lifted Silverado? | Tuned Silverado Takes on the Drag Strip

On this episode of the hall, we've got a 2016 Silverado LT ready for some bolt on mods and then we're head into the track. Hey guys, Adam here with American trucks, calm and on this episode of the haul. I'M gon na be installing three small bolt on mods, hopefully make some power and some sound out of my 2016 5.3 liter Silverado 1500. That will include a cold air intake, a tune and a catback exhaust. Then we're gon na put it in the dyno and see what kind of power it's making it's also worth noting. This does have a set of 33 s on it with all-terrain tires and 93 octane in the tank, when that's done, we'll actually take it down to the track. That'S right guys. We are gon na. Take this to the drag strip, run it down the quarter mile to see what kind of time it's making not to break any records, but really just to have some fun with the new mods that we're gon na have on it. My buddy Justin's essentially doing the same thing to his 2018, 5 liter f-150. So if you want to follow his small build, of course you can head over to American trucks, Ford and he'll be meeting us at the track to run his as well. You also want to subscribe to American trucks Chevy GMC, if you want to see more Silverado content like this one, along with other product reviews, so without further adieu, I'm pretty excited so just do it: [, Music, ], alright! So our first mod here, of course, you can see we're installing the s and B cold air intake with the extendable dry filter for our 5-3 Silverado SMP lets us know that this is gon na help us flow more air 48 percent in Factor, which is a Huge jump in air flow now the cool thing about this particular airbox is that it's gon na have a shield on the top to make sure that all that excess engine heat isn't bogging down that intake, but it also underneath of it, has an open slot. Now most heat shields are going to be solid on the bottom. This has a cap that you can either choose to put on or not put on, and in our case, I'm gon na leave that open with no cap to make sure that we're getting the absolute most air that we can. I'M hoping that this is gon na help us bump up the power and we're gon na pair this with a tune. We got the ID motorsports tuner coming on deck, so with this installed next, we've got our catback finish it off with that tune and then we'll be able to move on to our test. [ Music, ], alright, guys with that tip in place. That'S wrapping up the install for the carbon competitor series cat-back on our 5.3, that our Silverado one of the highest quality materials in the category. It'S one of the loudest options out there [ Music ] and it is a competitor exhaust. It'S got a three-inch 304 stainless steel tubing from head to toe. It'S got a black ceramic coated, 4-inch tip it's just all-around, looking amazing on the truck. It fits really great, but I think for now what we're gon na do is head over to the dyno tune. This thing and see what kind of power it's making on the roller, so, let's get to it: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ]! Well guys, as you know, before we installed all of our mods on our 16 Silverado, we ran a baseline number with 93 octane in the tank walked away with about 273 horsepower about 304 foot-pounds of torque at the rear, wheels bone stock with just 93 octane. Of course, we then installed the cold air intake our tune and our catback we made about 298 horsepower and about 324 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels. That'S peak gains good for about 25 horsepower 21 foot-pounds of torque, but it gets even more impressive. Under our curve. The curve comes in right. Around 3,500 rpms right there we gained about 24 horsepower and 35 foot-pounds of torque. Those low-end gains are great for acceleration. Hopefully increasing our quarter-mile time at least a little bit. Every tenth of a second is gon na count. I'M really excited to see how this thing is gon na perform at the track. So at this point we're gon na head over there. I just want to see what its gon na do here. We are at the beautiful Maple Grove Raceway with our 2018 f-150 and our 2016 5 3 Silverado. We just got done throwing on those mods, as you saw, we got them hot off. The dyno making 25 horsepower 20 foot pounds of torque over the stock numbers in our 5 3 somewhere in 36 foot-pounds of torque under the curve, so decent power gains over stock. I think running pretty healthy and I'm excited to see what its gon na do down. The quarter mile strip now guys and we're just here to have fun not trying to break any records, keep in mind. This does have a set of 33 all terrains on it and a 6-inch lift definitely not doing us any favors here at the track, but we are here to have some fun and I'm excited to see what this thing does. My buddy Justin did essentially the same thing to his 500 f150 Yeaman JLT cold air Roush, catback ID Motorsports tuned from a buddy Matt alderman down there in Florida and yeah 2018, a really impressive truck just stocked, but with those mods, it's making some good bit more Power than it did before, so we're happy to be here today, guys if you want to see what Justin's I'm working on on his five-o everything he just listed head over to the American trucks Ford channel, to check that out. My 2016 has been known to do. Hi 14th, with stock wheels in a stock lift. We are just here to have some fun, so we are not going head-to-head. We are gon na use one lane, but with that said, what do you say we get going? I was getting ready to make our first pass here. Gon na load up, keep in mind we're gon na run it in two-wheel just to see if it gets traction and if not run it up to four-wheel high [ Music ]. There we go okay, so Adams. First, pass and as expected, traction is an issue in two-wheel drive, so chances are we're gon na ship that thing in a four hi standing on the brake a little bit stall it up and then really send it so 17 285 mile an hour, obviously not great, But we expect first pass of the day lost a little traction at the beginning there. But let's see what happened all right, so we lost traction in the beginning. There I think 17 to is the number yeah 70 to 85. I mean we were gon na try and two-wheel just see if it hooked at all yeah. It'S a little cooler out here. 33 inch tires no wait in the back and yeah. She wasn't like yeah for real high five stall. It up a little bit and just mat it: let's do it. [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], hmm, looks like we reached about 85 whew. I feel good that felt good didn't lose traction for high was the way to go. Let'S see how we did huh 15. 6 hi listen. I was hoping for low fifteens. I know some guys out there with stock wheels in a stock height would run high 14s. I was hoping for like 50 150, 215 6, but obviously that's the first run. We had that actually hooked. So maybe we'll do another pass and a little bit of a different story. At that time we hooked right off 15 6 at 87. Listen, it's not low! Fifteens that I was hoping for, but I'm pretty happy with it. Honestly, you should be man. I mean you trimmed nearly a full second or I knocked about a second 1/2 off for ETN mile, an hour's up a little bit which listen All Things Considered, that's great because for I will still Rob a little bit of power right or 2 wheel drive. So it's not ideal, but on a day like today, it's kind of necessary to get this thing out of the hole yeah. She did not want to hook into wheel. So all right, so we let it cool down for a little bit. I wanted to make another hero pass see if I can beat that 15-6 at about 87, I think, was the best speed, hoping that the 60-foot was a little better, will wrap back around and see how she did. A 15-6 is my number to be 59 at 86, so looks like 15 6 is the best that we got remember. 33 all terrains and a 6-inch lift. It'S not really doing us any favors when it comes to aerodynamics. You know at the end of the day, we'll see how this thing did all right. 15 9 didn't do as good as our first couple of passes. We did it in for a high again hit your goal. Man, I mean you got this thing in the 15. 6 inch lift 33 things to keep in mind, not doing us any favors with that lift, but at the end of the day, I'm having a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again, but for today I think I'm gon na pass it off to you. I think you want to run that f150 know it. I'M excited to see how that thing does [ Music ] all right, so we left pretty good. Obviously it didn't spin and for high, as you'd imagine looked like we crossed the traps it right around a hundred mile an hour. So that's pretty good, see through at that time says here: dude 13:8 at 99. That'S impressive man! I am very happy with that. 13:8. At 99 mile an hour, JLT, cold air, rauch, catback and, most importantly, that Matt alderman ID Motorsports tune yeah man I mean I'm stoked. I think high 13s is pretty much where I thought this thing would be and right off the bat. Yes, you around, you were right on the money with what you were hoping for in and to 160 it'd be nice to get this thing to like a 200 or like even like a 1:9, and I think I could get it down to like a 1350. Maybe but it's gon na be tough, let's first pass off the off the old highway, and now I need a helmet. That'S a sign that we're going fast! All right, let's see if we can give it a little bit more rpm out of the hole a little bit more up on that converter, come on baby, [, Music ]! All right! I think we might have squeaked a little bit more mile an hour out of it. As you can see, we got our helmet on now because we went a little faster than 13 90 second pass. We got it up to about maybe twenty two hundred on the converter here, put it to the wood for high sport mode, we'll see how it did alright, so we went a little slower that time. Thirteen nine at 99 t think that 13 eight is gon na. Be the past of the day out of this thing? Well guys, after throwing some small bull tones, as you saw an earlier in the video on our 5-3 Silverado and the five-oh f-150, that Justin Scott wanted to bring it down to the track and have some fun, and I would say that's exactly what we did. It'S a beautiful day, we ran it a couple times and I think we're happy with our results right. I was going for low 15s. Mid 15s ended up right at fifteen six at 87 miles an hour. So I'm pretty happy with that. How about you, yeah man, high 13s, with these 18 f-150, is a 10 speed. Auto is just so good in these trucks and overall, not a bad day at work, not a bad day at all. Well guys, if you really want to see Justin's work on the f-150 and everything that they've got going on over, there check out American trucks Ford, and you know, of course, if you want to keep on with the bowtie stuff and stay right here at American trucks. Chevy GMC [, Music ]. You you

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