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The First 5 Mods You Must Do To Your Truck

Hey you're, rolling yeah, alright, guys five seconds just want to let you know the custom on since is offering as low as 0 % financing and everything a customized it stuck on wheels tires suspension. Did I get it yeah when it comes to trucks, if you're anything like all of us here, custom offsets, you just can't leave one stock, and I know most of the time before I even buy new vehicle, I'm already on our gallery. Looking at what setups will fit and what mods I can do and then spending countless hours on YouTube, searching best exhaust for Ford Raptor, so I'm forward from custom offsets, and these are the first mods that I would do to my new truck so right off the Bat, we can't kick this off with a supercharger tuned exhaust, cam, rehear, a custom wrap and so on, because if you just bought a new vehicle, you likely aren't interested in dropping that much cash after you just spent 60 grand on a new or new to you Used truck hands down the first thing I do to all my vehicles: even the beaters is tint. You might be wondering why well because it's cheap, it looks good and even just tints can make a truck look more aggressive or stylist or just simply clean. Most places can get you a complete tint job for around two hundred dollars and if it's just the front, two windows that'll run less than 100 bucks. Now, depending on your state, you likely have different laws on tint, but in general, most people can get away with about 20 % on the side windows and in the rear in full disclosure. That'S not legal! In most states, though, like here in Wisconsin, you can only have 50 % on the driver and passenger 35 % on the backseat windows and then 50 % on the rear glass, if I remember it correctly, and 50 % in is like not dark at all, like I wouldn't even waste my money on it. Some people tend their windshield also, and that will add a substantial cost to your bill since there's a lot of material, but just be aware that it sucks to drive at night - and I don't believe, it's legal in any state if you're looking for tint make sure Whoever installs it is, a professional uses, professional-grade tint, because quality tints won't turn purple over time and they serve more than one purpose. So one it looks good to people can't see you picking your nose and three helps keep a lot of heat out when the Sun is beating down in your car, which not only makes it more comfortable for you, but will also protect your interior from cracks. Are drying out if you've got leather and lastly, it just makes driving in the Sun so much better if you spend a lot of time on the roads like ideas. So the second thing on the list for me is suspension, and now this can get pretty expensive depending Hugo. You may want a 211 kit or $ 6,000 coil over lift or anything in between so depending on the size. You might want to be thinking about wheels and tires here too, but we'll dive into that a little bit later. Suspension is one of those mods where it's pretty much required. If you want to run larger than only on wheel and tire sizes, if you bought your 20 by 12s and 35 first, you wouldn't even be able to install them on your Silverado to get a 7-inch lift. But if you bought some eight and a half wide methods in 33, you might be able to stuff those on a stock truck and deal with a bunch of rubbing for two weeks and get your next paycheck. Since I abused this out of everything I own, when I'm shopping for suspension, I'm looking for something that will perform well, not just look well, but that's not the case for everyone. There'S a bunch of good size kits out there on a web plate for about a thousand dollars over work, just fine through about 90 % of people, but it comes down to personal preference and how much and where you drive your truck, if you spend 100 percent Of your time on road - and you drive 10 minutes to the city to get to your job, then a spacer lift will work just fine for you. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, you might opt for a complete strut replacement and if you enjoy off-roading on the weekends, a coilover might be a better setup for you either way. We'Ve got all of that on the website and we have the gallery set up, so you can search by make and model enter in the suspension size and you can get an idea of what your truffles will look like once it's finished. So the next step, then, is wheels and tires. These happen at the same time, because it's much easier to pick up a new package than to buy just wheels. In fact, there's only been one time in my life where I've bought just wheels, and it was only because I found a smoking deal on a set on Craigslist. So, as I mentioned before, I would go with suspension before wheels and tires and I'll explain that a bit more, it primarily has to do with making things film like I was saying if you have plans to do twenty by twelve to thirty fives, I don't know Of any standard truck out there that can fit the stock. There are definitely trucks that can fit thirty fives on OEM wheels like the Ford Raptor and whatever Ram is making at this day call it the rebel, but you wouldn't be able to pull that off on. Like a 12 wide negative 44 offset so rather than picking up a new wheel, entire package and then stacking it in your garage to collect dust, well, you save up for the lift kit that you need I'd suggest getting suspension first, when it comes down to picking Up the actual wheels and tires you want there's almost too many choices on our website alone. We offer over 1 million different combinations and you can custom build any package you want and we'll ship it right to. You I'd always start with the gallery to figure out what size I need then search by make and model. So I know they have the correct bolt pattern and then filter by size and start scrolling. Once I find is the set of wheels that I want I'll start my search for tires. Now I've been doing this long enough that I have my favorites, but I'd say the most common tire we sell overall is a little ridge Rambler, which is a hybrid tire that combines the best of the mud, tire and all-terrain tire market. If you want a true mud, tire, lots of people opt for the open country MT and if you want a less aggressive tire, the options brought in a bit and you have things like the Falcon wild peak 83w, the Goodyear Wrangler dirt-track, NATO, Terra grapplers or the Eternal trail van XT, which is really just super popular because of the price point, there's a lot of brands out there. Some of you may not have heard of, but the good thing is. We have videos on just about every tire we carry on our YouTube channel. Once you've got the outside dial, then exactly how you want it: you're, probably gon na notice, a power loss and a loss of some miles per gallon. So the next thing that I would tackle would be some performance stuff now, depending on your budget. This could vary a lot, but I think I would recommend a tune to everyone. Gas or diesel doesn't matter. You can see improvements on both there's plenty of tuners out there, but it's important to do your research and get a reputable shop or remote tuner to do your truck because blowing up cars isn't fun. Trust me, I know, ask me what 27 or 28 pounds of boost does on my drift car anyway. A tune is a great start. If you don't have plans on adding any forced induction or opening up the motor at all, if you're gon na do any of that stuff, obviously you'd need a tune after that, as well. There'S also a ton of people on our social media who asked about rehearing, and it's actually not something that a whole lot of people do, because it's pretty pricey. If you need some acceleration back and you want to turn your big wheels and tires a bit more efficiently, then you should look into rehearing, but it's not required if you've got a boatload of cash saved up to do it all at once. That'S super cool and good for you, but if you don't, we do also offer monthly payments on just about everything on our site. So remember, we are custom offsets and we are self-proclaimed experts and everything wheels tires and suspension, and this is the part where I tell you to come up to our website and check it all out. It'S custom, offsets, calm or just check the links in the description. [ Music, ]

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