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[, Music ]: we got Edward all right, empty [, Music, ], alright, guys we're here at SEMA, Show 2017 and my mission in coming here. Did you put this guy right here? Josh Burnett, you have been very, very busy, sir. Yes, sir, it's been no real secret. You had some renderings floating around for a little while about what this truck would turn out to be, and it was close, but the finished product was not what the rendering was and we'll get to that in a minute, but tell us a little bit about it. You you picked up a 2017 Super Duty about nine months ago, yeah in the goal. The end result was to be here today right sure, and we are here so tell us a little bit about the vision and how it evolved and what you guys have going here with this rig Yeah right on. So I partnered up with American force and we wanted to do the first lifted. Dually all 28 inch wheels. I picked up a 17 at 450 Platinum. I wanted the 450 it's just bigger, because it's gon na be need to be bigger anyway, right and yeah. We were partnered up with American forest part of with fury tires, a bunch of big sponsor fusion, bumpers, precision, retrofitted the lights and the mirrors of things. And then I was looking for a builder and I got with a Stephen one leg in Instagram and down at BNC, off-road and third Co suspension and worked with those guys. They'Ve been off awesome, but I've been the then the fury tires didn't work out, not furiouspaul. Holding up their funk nobody's ever done it, so they would do what to utter the duty wheels and we're scrambling, and we came up with tractor toes. Can we say scrambling you're like this is like a week out three yeah three days a week out whatever the window that you have to make. It is very small. First of all, and so the thought of the tractor tires came up yeah and you did it. Yeah we cranked the lift up a little higher than we were as I planned. It'S 20 inches right now. Yeah a tractor tires man. It'S been a hit. I didn't hear a little bit of conversation about. Why would you go Leafs on that thing? Go live and now you know that is exactly why so thought of maybe bags at some point yeah bags to support the truck originally was built. I was gon na I like to tow it. I like to use the trucks I've done. You know what I mean so towing the razor the buggies and things like that around, but now yeah we're gon na go to bags and have this set up and also set of 26 for driving every day. Yeah Franco that you can use it to so cool deal man with this truck um. I would like to refer to it as the truck that broke the internet version 2.0, because the attention, the two guns since this thing just rolled out of the shop about I don't know five days ago - has been insane. It'S been korrina just everywhere. I go. I see variation pictures videos of this truck. So how was the trip out here? Did you guys get any attention? It'S pretty crazy. I think there's a picture floating around of the two two police officers there, where the truck stop and they do static. Rowdy, where we go, we make plenty of stop free gas on the way up there, but I yeah these guys. We took a few pictures of them and it was it's gone everywhere. This guy. He wants us to come back and unloaded and came for a ride. You know it's a lot more chilling its leaves. You know we hit the rocket trailer out, we're not your trailer zone war. Two we hit that app and turn the lights on the truck stop and I thought we'd never get out of there. Man yeah. It'S been a great, it's been a party all the way. It'S been a lot of fun, very well-received, yeah, definitely dude. I'M super excited for you guys, and I know that that's kind of the reward and all this because no doubt that there's no, no there's no logic, it doesn't make sense. But it's the fact that you come out here - and this is literally the flagship build of the American force booth and maybe even the truck scene scene, all together, so well. Super cool that you're able to have the commitment and willingness to go through this because I know there's a lot of frustration along the way. I need to thank my wife for sure Tiffany yeah world-class builder support this all the way so props to her as well. Absolutely Josh appreciate you: man do a little more walk around the truck and trying to soak all this up. There'S no way to capture all the details of everything cause it's just so over the top, but definitely appreciate your time and catching up with you, sir. Absolutely waiting for sheriff thanks a lot as I resign. I turned on the camera DoublePlay sorry, sir you're, taking up two point: four parking spot to get a ticket: [: Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], hey guys! 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