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The Ultimate Work Truck

Hey well, some guys pull here from custom, offsets custom, offsets TV on the YouTube join my stand, which you may know him or you may not, but you hardly know him better as the dirt monkey from YouTube, and you kind of do like a little bit of Everything on your channel: well, we focus more on contractors. Construction. Actually, you know a heavy equipment using stuff that guys got to make a living with perfect. So the reason why we have him here today is because not only are we building your Jeep, but relatively soon, you're gon na be buying a work truck, and you want to make it into the ultimate work truck that, whereas we, on the other hand, always are Building show trucks and pavement princesses or mall. Crawlers are probably the favorite terms. People like to use with that. So can I got to go back and forth and just you know figure out what is the ideal setup for a work truck versus? Let'S say a deal set up on a show truck, so I think the first thing that people look for when you know they pick up a new truck and they want to build a show vehicle. I think the first thing we look at is probably wheels from from our point of view. Okay and what they want is basically as much wheel as I can get the biggest lip the widest the furthest they can get is sticking out, that's better for them, because that's the look that everybody's going for right now. Now fads come and going. They obviously change, but that's what's in right now, so a lot of people are doing the 12 why's the 14 wide 16 wide to get those massive up to like a nine inch lip on there and just flashy wheels that really stand out to people, whereas on A work truck, I mean: what are you gon na be looking for when it comes to wheels? Okay? So it's a completely different scenario. Now, that's a the differences. Is this the work truck of the owner/operator? So this is a guy that when he shows up to a job site, he wants a little bit of style a little bit of class. Or is this gon na be a work truck for one of the crew members? Because if it's for a crew member you're gon na want just something that rolls down the road and gives you the most performance and be looking at, how many miles can I get out of it before I have to change that over? So you need to know exactly who's gon na be using it before you start to even worry, about wheels and tires and then tie that entire thing. So when you're specking out a work truck, that's not your first priority yeah cuz! I think we've built a couple for, like you, were saying owners operators because they're going out and like bidding job sites meeting with people. So you want something that at least looks good because they know that you know their truck. Isn'T gon na be getting users abused. Quite as much as a crew, because those work trucks that go to the job sites, I mean they're getting banged up pretty good right, I mean they just give beat like a redheaded stepchild. It'S just they're totaled it within a few years. I mean when it comes right down to it, so I've bought and work trucks for myself, because I've got to go along meet with the customers and I want to be presentable and then, when I'm done with that work truck, I've turned it over, and this is Something that I've babied for a couple years - and it looks just as good as the day it came off the showroom floor, but within a year of it me turning it over to a crew member. It'S got dings in it. It'S got dents in it. So when I'm going out to buy a work truck, that's gon na be given to the crew, I try to get the least amount and put the most value out of it, so I want to make the biggest bang for my buck so to speak. So I want something that I'm not gon na be worried about when it comes back with the den I mean just before I came here, I had a guy call me up. He smashed up one of my new work trucks and it's like sucks, but I bought it to be smashed up like that, want it to be, but I bought it inspected up because I anticipated that to happen. So I, when I'm looking at buying that work truck, I don't want any bells or whistles. I don't want carpet in my work truck. The only thing that I want inside of that work truck is power windows, because when I roll up to a job site, if I'm on the opposite side of the cab of him, I want him to be able to roll that window down and to be able To talk to me across from it, but if I'm putting anything above and beyond that, I'm actually wasting dollars. If that, if that truck the, if the additions that I put on, that truck, don't directly correlate to additional revenue brought into the business, then it's just a wasted expense, yeah, cuz part of it's like advertising tuna, or not a crew member struck, but like the owners, Trust because you're getting that attention, you got decals on it and stuff like that. But what you think is the first you've got the works are if you ordered it, it's exactly how you want from factory. What'S the first aftermarket thing that you're gon na consider adding to it? Well, it depends on how I'm gon na be actually be working it. So I live in the I live in Minnesota. I live in snow country, so I'm gon na be adding snow plows. I'M gon na add snow plow to the front of it to the back of it. Warning lights is another thing, so if you're not into snow plowing, you're, not gon na, obviously worry about that, but you still are gon na probably want to have warning lights. If you're running with heavy equipment, you're gon na need a fuel tank into the back of it and you're, also gon na want to make sure that you don't get too big of a fuel tank. Because then the d-o-t can look at you and red-flag you and make you have curie hazardous warning signs. So also you're gon na want to make sure that you get a bedliner into that truck, because that trucks gon na rust out right away, because you are gon na be throwing your tools in it. You are gon na actually be using it for what the truck is meant for and one of the things that I see a lot of guys doing. One of the mistakes that I see a lot of guys doing when they're going out to spec their work truck, is they automatically get into this mind frame of I need that extended cab I mean even Mike in the corner of my company, made that same mistake. I still tease them to this day. It'S been two years and that extended cab. You think you need it, but when you really look at a guy that works 90 % of the time he sold all these by himself, he maybe has a computer and a few tools select tools that he needs to keep inside of it, and that back seat Is filled up with junk it's nothing, but a junk collector. So before you go out and say I got ta have an extended cab. Do you really got ta have an extended cab. That'S interesting because, like when it comes to show vehicles like everybody wants the crew cab. They want, like the full four doors, not the extended cab, with the full four doors, and it's like completely different. When and and honestly most people that are driving the trucks are driving solo most the time whether they have one other person with them, but it's kind of just an interesting difference between the two, the two sides. No, it's the same. That'S the problem. It'S the same thing, even when you get over into the work truck environment, you still have guys that think they want that, but they don't really need that and then another thing that I want to get into is diesel versus gasoline yeah? Okay. So this is a big controversy and some of you guys are gon na want to punch me right through the computer screen right. Oh I'm sure there on the keyboards already and I don't care because here's the thing I bought 15 - maybe 20 different diesel trucks in the last 15 to 20 years and I've never gotten the value out of them that they will tell you at the factory at The dealership that you will get out of a meaning, the extra 10 grand, because I'm spending about an bonus 10 grand to buy a diesel engine is never made up and then in the mileage and the proof, fuel economy and the performance that they say. I'M going to get out of it so that diesel engine never pays for itself, because what happens is my crew beats the crap out of the truck and you guys are gon na say? Well, you need a better crew, but this is reality. I mean I've gotten great crewmembers, but they don't treat them like it's their own truck and so that truck at about 125 to maybe 200 thousand miles, the body's beat-up the trucks been going off-road to work sites and job sites. The undercarriage is getting beat up, the doors are common loose, the truck is just being used for what it's being used for and it's time to move it on now it doesn't have that many miles technically on it, and that means I haven't had a chance to Recover in the fuel economy that it's going to take to get there now, one of the other things too is the amount, the improved performance of a diesel engine over a gasser okay. But if we really look at how often you're towing that's something that you guys got to individually analyze this, how much are you actually going to be towing and what are you going to be towing so if you're gon na be towing a fifth wheel, trailer across Country perfect, get a diesel if most of what you're gon na be using that truck for is towing, hauling heavy equipment. You need the performance of a diesel engine, then it justifies it, but if it's only gon na be a marginal amount of the time, if they're, really the diesel truck or the truck is itself, is going to just be getting you a crew member and the tunes You throw on the back to a job site then that diesel engine really isn't necessary. It'S not doing what it needs to be. What needs to be done? A gas engine can perform into the in that scenario, almost as good as a diesel engine camp and that's what we saw when we bought our 2015 Chevy Silverado, the white one, that's kind of an in and out of here is everybody wanted us to get a Diesel, because that's what's cool and Instagram, but when we looked at it, we were like. We want to get a truck and be able to build it without spending a whole bunch of money in that initial 10 to 15 grand jump. I'M a first price tag is just it's not worth it in our eyes, because you get the same. Look in the same appearance from the show truck standpoint, it's cool to see them from a working truck standpoint. You don't always get your money back depending on. Obviously right so one thing I want to jump into is, I feel like tires, are probably really important for you guys with how much you're using them, how many miles you put on the payload that you're using you know these trucks with and on our side of The world tires are also super important in my opinion, but not as many people care about it. You know they're buying cheaper tires. You know a piss gal tires are made in China, but they're getting the Chinese brand tires and it's just because they don't use the trucks worth they're designed for our most common type of tire, though, is a hybrid, so it's a cross between a mud, tire and An altering tire, but what are you guys using on your trucks, all right, so when you're driving down the road in a mud, tire, it's not gon na, be nearly as effective as if you're driving down the road on the tire dedicated to work, especially where I'm From Minnesota, like I said, slippery, wet conditions where I'm going down the road at 50 miles an hour and I may hit a patch of ice. I want something that's going to cut through that ice, so those tires have a different tread pattern where you guys use the knobby and are the big chunks and really separated wide tires. But those are not good on snow, not at all. So the tires that I buy are great in snow and ice, but they don't look like anything special at all. I know the Goodyear Wrangler dirt track is probably one that I've seen a lot of contractors around here use it's something that it's an all terrain tire, but it still has a little bit of an aggressive look to it, so they can get that look if they Want it, but it also performs really good in snow, because it's got a ton of extra saiping in there and if you want to air down the PSI, if you're doing something off-road and they hold up really good with that. So that was a really good bear. That was up. You see you'll, never see me erring down one of my tires because as soon as I air it down, I'm gon na have a crew member jump in there he's gon na hook up a trailer pop, a skid loader on the back and then everything's gon na Go like this and they've got a re air it back up now, that's great the ability to air them down or not. Do that sort of thing that's great when you that's what you're going to be doing, but for a contractor you want something. That'S just gon na be rock steady and it's gon na always just perform without you know we don't care about ma diem in that way, shape or form it's just not on our radar screen. Yeah cool. The last big topic for me is going to be suspension, because everybody in the show scene obviously wants to go basically as high as they can go, so they can fit those big wheels and tires and get them sticking out really far, and we actually just did A video recently about, can you tow with a lifted truck, and the answer is yes in most cases, but those guys that are toting like if you're towing, a skid, loader or an M order, or anything huge like that. You'Re not gon na really want to lift a truck, and you know there are there any suspension mods that you look into besides reinforcing the the suspension so I'll buy. My trucks is a 3/4 ton truck yeah and then I'll get that extra leaf in the back. Yep and then I'll reinforce the suspension as needed without going out of the stock specifications, so to speak because I don't want it lifted. I'Ve got to be able to hook up to a trailer, and I don't want to lift it because I'm gon na be getting in and out of that truck on a daily basis like multiple times per day, needs and power steps. Then you can bang up those clock on your dollar off and then those are gon na go to heck on me. So what I would, what I literally would do is get just the most bare-bones plain-jane thing, because we these trucks are built to be destroyed. I mean when we're working with them on a jobsite guys, don't care about them, because it's not their own truck. Remember I'm gon na be going from the mind frame of a crew member, the guy that cares the least about it, but he wants to have something. That'S functional so there's no lifts because we were gon na be climbing in and out of them. So I want something: that's going to be safe because a lot of time guys on a lifted truck, it's gon na crack the front of their shin and then that's a health and safety concern for the company owner. So that's something else: that's never even an option. Okay, well yeah, it's totally different world. Seeing you know what the work truck guys want versus what the show track show truck guys want. So what do you guys think you know, would you I mean? Would you build your truck for work? Would you build it for show? Do you have a show truck? Do you have a work, truck drop your comments below and let us know what you think and that's all I got for it, peace, it's all. I got for you to see. Yeah

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